Access to Gaming Material Within Games: Should you Still have a Substantial Story Line if you Don’t Pay?

Ive been thinking a lot about iphone games, specifically the classic version of the sims freeplay games among others, and I was thinking about the experiences I’ve had playing these games depending on if I pay for in app purchases or not. Take for example the iphone game episode: many times you have to use diamonds in order to do a certain activity, but you can only really have enough diamonds to spend on things if you buy them. Technically, you can still complete story lines without these diamonds, but you can’t do the most luxurious and extravagant things in the story lines without them. Why should individuals have to pay excessive amounts of money (and really never stop paying with all these in app purchases) in order to get the same satisfaction from the story lines you get to play. I understand having a base price for a game, but with these games you keep spending and spending because they never really end. shouldn’t video games be a way to overcome socio economic statuses? but yet, those who ca afford to pay for the in app purchases are getting a better storyline and therefore better game play.


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